• The company Omicron closely cooperates with leading manufacturers of medical technics and equipment. Having our own service and logistics services allows us to perform a consolidation and supply of equipment in full accordance with the requirements of the recipient.
  • The geographical location and high concentration of medical manufacturers in the north of Germany significantly facilitate the operational development of specifications for the supply of medical equipment in according to the project.
  • The company OMICRON Handelsgesellschaft mbH supplies medical equipment from different manufacturers from one source, in other words, it is possible a consolidation of all the goods under the contract in one place for their subsequent rhythmic delivery to the place of storage or installation in the country of the end user.
  • At the supplies of medical equipment, OMICRON Handelsgesellschaft mbH ensures a severe conformity of the medical equipment technical characteristics to the tasks assigned to the medical facility.
  • Warranty obligations of the medical equipment manufacturer are provided for each buyer or end user (transferable warranty). If necessary, the company Omicron provides the recommendations on service companies accredited by equipment manufacturers in the country of export.
  • Naturally, at the implementation of one-time shipments and long-term projects, the company takes over all responsibility for coordinating supplies, consolidating cargo, resolving customs and transport affairs both in the EU territory and in the country of export.


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